Adams Logistics was founded in 2013. It is a transportation and logistics company that operates in Finland and Estonia. The human resources of the company have over 25 years of experience in bulk carriage and other tasks related to logistics in Scandinavian as well as in Baltic region. Company’s new operational range includes rest of the Europe.

Bulk carraige of chemicals

Company’s special field are bulk carriages to Scandinavia, Central Europe, Baltic area and Russia. We offer reliable and high quality transport services based on years of experience. This is achieved by our modern fleet, skilled personnel and confidential cooperation with our clients.

One of the main goals of Adams Logistics is quality cooperation with our clients. It is enabled by proper procedures depending on the location and product to be transported. Adams Logistics follows quality, environmental and security standards. The security perspectives play a particularly important role in transportation of hazardous products. Adams Logistics strives to constantly develop its practices related to this domain.




Our company is a recognized, efficient, competent and progressive expert in its field. We operate reliably and efficiently and place special emphasis on customer focus.




Our operation is based on strong professional competence, self-development on personal as well as company level, ambitious entrepreneurship, inspiration, effectiveness and cooperation.

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The purpose of our operation is to produce reliable and punctual transportation services according to our clients’ quality requirements. Customer satisfaction is a key indicator measuring the quality of our operation.



Regarding the environment, Adams Logistics places importance on the principles of sustainable development as well as actions that stress and harm environment the least possible amount. Our company strives to follow aforementioned principles in all our practices. We follow the laws, regulations and enforcements regarding to the environment.

We use modern fleet in our transportation services. The drivers are accustomed and encouraged to the most economical and sensible driving behaviour. We aim to minimize emissions and any possible harm to the environment by forward-looking fleet maintenance.



Health and safety at work

One of the most central issues on the operation of Adams Logistics is safety. Our company wants to offer its employees a safe driving environment in which commonly agreed, safe and proper practices are followed. This aims to support company’s healthy and safe working environment. Our company strives to further promote the health and safety of its personnel by training them to required tasks. The training places special focus on important issues concerning transportation industry. Adams Logistics aims to be a company with a healthy, motivated and inspired personnel that enjoys working for the company.

The training required with company’s new acquisitions, equipment and machinery is carried out on implementation to inhibit any improper practices and to prevent accidents. All of our fleet used in transportation including machinery and equipment are in accordance with the laws, regulations and enforcements concerning the field.

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